The purpose of the course is to provide students with a comprehensive and professionally oriented higher education experience in Quantity Surveying. Quantity Surveyors operate in all sectors of the built environment and are primarily concerned with the value and financial management of construction projects and their subsequent life cycle. They have specialist skills and knowledge relating to cost and contract management requiring an expert understanding of construction techniques, procurement options and legal matters and the sustainable use of resources. In fulfilling this purpose the course aims to:

  • Provide students with knowledge and understanding of the context, core concepts and theories relevant to Quantity Surveying in the design, creation and maintenance of a sustainable built environment.
  • Develop transferable skills which students will be able to apply both within an academic context and in their professional careers.
  • Develop cognitive skills which students will be able to apply in reaching professional judgements, solving problems and making decisions.
  • Develop practical and technical skills relevant to Quantity Surveying, which students will be able to apply in their professional careers.
  • Foster an environment in which learning experiences are shared by students on various parallel construction-related courses, thereby promoting the interdisciplinary nature of the construction industry.
  • Encourage self-motivation and independent thought, such that graduates will be confident in challenging established working practices and responding to the future needs of the construction industry and its associated professions.
  • Promote a culture of intellectual enquiry such that graduates will recognize the importance of lifelong learning for both personal and professional development.