Virtual Human Resources Management



This contemporary professional development programme introduces participants to the fundamental principles and key concepts of the Virtual Human Resource functions; while allowing for transformation from, in person, to the virtual space.

Additionally, Human Resource professionals will develop an appreciation for the skills and competencies required to master this productive virtual space. These areonly just two examples of the many takeaways from this most modern intervention. The learning outcomes are as follows:


    • Acquisition of contemporary knowledge of the Virtual Recruitment processes related to the onboarding projects.
    • Effective understanding of the set up, and rudiments of managing virtual teams while ensuring sustainable team building within virtual workspaces.
    • Attainment of knowledge on the development of a digital strategy, the elimination of Virtual risk and implementation of cost reduction mechanisms.
    • Appreciation of the need to demonstrate the ability to utilize up-to-date technology in the delivery of Human Resources services.
    • And many more.