Course Materials

You can download all the training materials you need for this course here:

General Programme information document

  1. Class Activity Workbook
  2. Global Digital Statistics
  3. S.M.A.R.T Goals framework
  4. Digital Transformation Framework
  5. Think Forward – Understanding The Rules of Social Media
  6. Deloitte Tech Trends
  7. Short Social Media Calendar
  8. Full Social Media Calendar with Content Planner
  9. Social Media Strategy Exercise
  10. Digital Transformation Strategy Exercise (MS Doc)
  11. Digital Strategy Case Studies (Nursery Template)
  12. Digital Strategy Case Studies (A Learning Institution)
  13. Value Proposition Canvas
  14. McKinsey Value Proposition Pitch Narrative
  15. 30 Brands with the best digital marketing initiatives


More Reading & Personal Development

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Digital Transformation

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