Mastering Digital Transformation



The concept of the paper-based supply chain is surely dying as the use of physical information and activities for local production only grows more obsolete. The need to embrace and utilize the virtual supply chain network will not only be stronger than ever but also critical to sustain your organization’s competitiveness and viability.

The question is not only geared towards increasing technology being able to enhance warehousing, procurement or by extension the complete supply chain process; but rather it is a question of how technology can be implemented fast enough to prevent your company’s extinction.

The current new norm does not support the conventional Supply Chain Management operations, or make it any better. It has brought with it diminishing markets, loss of jobs, business closure and many other such counter-productive issues.

To survive and be competitive, today’s Supply Chain operations has no other option but to transition to the Virtual Supply Chain to ensure effective cost reduction management and survival.



Participants will be exposed to the numerous facets of this contemporary concept that provides the platform for your functional development in addition to your competitive position in the decreasing Job market.

This practical programme provides a comprehensive, functional understanding of Virtual Supply Chain. This course will provide you with the functional knowledge to become a Superior Supply Chain Professional in a high demand industry. In today’s business world, Supply Chain professionals are increasingly faced with the task of ensuring that they remain abreast with current and emerging trends per industry standard.

This most interactive professional development course will allow participants to gain cutting-edge knowledge and practices in the area of Virtual Supply Chain Operations.

*Students will receive a Certificate Of Completion upon completion of the course.

Learn the Fundamentals of VIRTUAL SUPPLY CHAINS! Commencing on 21st April, 2021. 

Note: All sessions are 5:30pm – 8:00pm



Wednesday – 21st April, 2021 5:30pm-8:00pm

Monday – 26th April,2021


Wednesday – 28th April th,2021


Monday – 3rd May, 2021


Wednesday – 5th May, 2021



This highly interactive program offers insight into the contemporary development aspect of the supply chain profession with specific attention to the transformation from face-to-face to virtual operations.

Some of the objectives of the programme include:

    • Understanding the virtual supply chain through icloud
    • How to leverage proven technology and Systems
    • Attaining instant scalability
    • How to synergize your digital supply chain transformation
    • Virtual Supply chain as a customer focused organization
  • Understanding Virtual Supply Chain

➢ Definition and Terminology
➢ Virtual Procurement and Supply Systems
➢ Virtual Integration and Alignment
➢ Convergence of IT, Supply Chain and the Organisation


  • Features of a Virtual Supply Chain

➢ Advantages of a virtual Supply Chain
➢ Disadvantages of a Virtual Supply Chain
➢ Benefits of a Virtual Supply Chain


  • The Role of Information Systems in Virtual Supply Chains

➢ Facilitates Planning and Control
➢ Enhances Competitiveness and Growth
➢ Real-Time Customer Information
➢ Inventory and Human Resource Cost Reduction
➢ Enhance Strategic Decision Making
➢ Fingertip links between Distributors, Suppliers and Customers
Effective Disperse and sustainable Inventory Management


  • Overcoming problems in the Virtual Supply Chain

➢ Costs involved
➢ Lack of skills in house
➢ Changing company culture
➢ Maintaining communication and collaboration
➢ Integration of various systems


  • 8 ways to Enhance / develop your Virtual Supply Chain

➢ Select and Initiative Value Stream
➢ Empower People Productivity – virtual team
➢ Stabilize & Standardize – controls
➢ Digitize Current State Data – transformation
➢ Develop Project KPIs
➢ Optimize Supply Chain Area – internal / external development
➢ Update Plan of Record – strategic reliability
➢ Share Lessons Learned – feedback


  • Impact of COVID-19 on Virtual Supply Chains

➢ Market Dynamics and Virtual Supply Chain
➢ Global Measures affecting Virtual Supply Chain
➢ Shortages in the Supply Chain / Logistics Deadlock
➢ Industry / Functions of Supply Chains most affected
➢ Negative Financial Issues / Impact in Virtual Supply Chain


  • The future of Virtual Supply Chain

➢ Transformation from Globalization to Regionalization
➢ The Virtual Supply Chain Stress Test – The New Norm
➢ Digital Transformation
➢ Negative Uncertainty


Those wishing to gain top-quality knowledge, understanding and skills in the area of Virtual Supply Chain Management.

Those wanting to improve their existing skills to master the transition from face-to-face to virtual Supply Chain Management  

✓ Supply Chain Professionals.

✓ Warehouse Professionals

✓ Procurement Professionals,

✓ Inventory Management Professionals,

✓ Fleet Management Professionals

✓ Other persons with existing practical skills and an interest to gain new skills to enhance their productivity.


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