The customer service and orientation have been astounding with her interactive and helpful approach to dealing with her students. 

Jerryn Samlalsingh

Generally, my time here was well spent. If I had to do it again SHEL would be my first choice and by extension UOB. I enjoyed the delivery of the MBA programme at UOB and the dissemination of information was a priority even at times where it was a bit overwhelming. I started a bit shakily, but I persevered, and I am beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Jacqueline Hart

The administrative staff always made themselves available to address any concerns or issues that may arise and even on Sundays, they maintained a visible presence to ensure classes ran smoothly.

Jeselle Ramsumair-Harrypersad

I must say the experience was pleasant, eye-opening, and very rewarding. As an institution that caters to a large student population the staff was and is very helpful and professional. I completed six modules with lecturers that are all knowledgeable in their respective fields. At any point in time, they were accessible to answer any queries I had about the topics being discussed.

Ms. Kimfer Cotoner

I must also give praise where it is due to the highly knowledgeable and patient slate of lecturers which are a part of the school’s success. Mr. Jimmy Ramkhelawan, Dr. Priscilla Bahaw, Mr. Kerron Ramganesh and Mr. Wayne Wood were always available via email and phone to give the necessary guidance and support needed to complete assignments. They say not all heroes wear capes and they definitely fit that bill.

Sabeena Dowlath

My experience at SHEL thus far has been nothing less than par excellence!

Their friendly and compassionate culture, along with the guidance and support of both lecturers and staff has surpassed my expectations. In my opinion, their delivery approach can be perfectly summed up with one word – “Wow!” They go above and beyond by tailoring their teaching styles to accommodate students at various learning levels. I am overwhelmed with enthusiasm knowing that my course of study allows me to possess all the tools and skills needed to actively inject change within my organization.

I would definitely recommend School of Higher Education Limited (SHEL) as the premier institute of learning, to grow academically and to become the “best you” holistically.


Marsha SinghVerifier Officer, MIC Institute of Technology