My name is Jacqueline Hart and I am an MBA student at SHEL in Trinidad and Tobago.

No one was prepared for this silent and unseen killer, Covid-19. But it presented itself and caused a paradigm shift in the delivery of the MBA from classroom to online. There was a little hiccup at the start, but SHEL stepped over this hurdle and with the aid of technology rose to and conquered the challenge with a great measure of success.

We have been privileged to have had lecturers who guided us through the different modules and made themselves available to answer our questions. For me being the oldest in the class (59 years), I was never at any occasion made to feel ignored. At times we faced some challenges, but it was balanced with times of excitement, especially just finishing the Airline Simulation.

The Administrative staff that we interfaced with on a regular basis were Maria and Trisha and they kept us connected to UOB by the sharing of information through different media. They were always cordial, ready to assist if you had any issues and encouraging.

Generally, my time here was well spent. If I had to do it again SHEL would be my first choice and by extension UOB. I enjoyed the delivery of the MBA programme at UOB and the dissemination of information was a priority even at times where it was a bit overwhelming. I started a bit shakily, but I persevered, and I am beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. This too shall pass. I thank God for bringing me to this juncture and I Know He will lead me successfully to the end.