In February 2019, I began my educational journey at SHEL pursuing an ABE Level 5 Diploma in Business Management & Human Resources Management. From the initial phone conversation with Natalie regarding the programme, to my final exam in December, I must say the experience was pleasant, eye-opening, and very rewarding. As an institution that caters to a large student population the staff was and is very helpful and professional. I completed six modules with lecturers that are all knowledgeable in their respective fields. At any point in time, they were accessible to answer any queries I had about the topics being discussed.  They took their time explaining the modules and a variety of teaching techniques were employed from YouTube videos to journals. Along my journey I also made friends that were very supportive. I plan on continuing my journey at SHEL with the degree top up program in June and I highly recommend the institution to persons wishing to further their tertiary education.