There are many philosophies that shape our lives at different stages in our development but if I had to choose one that has always influenced my thinking it would be ‘ whatever is worth doing is worth being done well’.

This is exactly how my experience at the School of Higher Education Limited has been. I started my tertiary level education through their ABE Program in 2010 and graduated with a BA in Business Management in 2013, followed by an MBA in 2019. This could only have been possible through the dedication and support provided by a team of highly motivated and committed individuals who are the lecturers and administrative staff at this institution.

Although the physical infrastructure has seen many changes over its years, the investment made in the students has remained a constant and this propelled me into the MBA Program through the University of Bedfordshire. Not only was this program affordable – made more so through the scholarships offered – but it allowed me to grow both personally and professionally. The course contents were delivered through a platform designed by the University which gave students access to resources as well as afforded the opportunity to be a part of discussions with personnel at the University. The blackboard was easy to navigate and the University always engaged the feedback from students in a timely manner.

The administrative support provided throughout this program has been instrumental to my success from registration straight through graduation. Analisa at Marketing definitely helped me seal the deal with starting this MBA, giving all the necessary guidance and encouragement to allay all concerns that I may have had. Trisha, UoB Program Manager and Maria, UoB Program Administrator were there, without fail, every Sunday morning and kept us updated with all the relevant information regarding the program. They never dropped the ball no matter which way it was thrown at them. Can I mention here that Trisha’s support has always been unswerving since my ABE days? This is testament to the legacy of the School of Higher Education.

I must also give praise where it is due to the highly knowledgeable and patient slate of lecturers which are a part of the school’s success. Mr. Jimmy Ramkhelawan, Dr. Priscilla Bahaw, Mr. Kerron Ramganesh and Mr. Wayne Wood were always available via email and phone to give the necessary guidance and support needed to complete assignments. They say not all heroes wear capes and they definitely fit that bill.

Nelson Mandela once said the education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world and I can safely say that my choice in the School of Higher Education Limited has definitely given me all the ammunition I need to do just that.